Planning a bridal shower or baby shower?

After you've booked a location, planned the meal, and invited the guests, the next thing to consider is what games will you play?

Why not one of the most popular - bingo!

Bridal Bingo and Baby Bingo are popular shower games to play, and for good reason. The guests will be entertained during gift opening, and some of the attention will be taken off the guest of honor, making the process less stressful for her. Usually the guests playing the bingo game will get quite competitive - you may see a cutthroat side of Aunt Tilly that you didn't know existed!

But, I've already spent so much money, I don't want to spend more for a silly game!!!

Don't worry! You can print custom cards out for free using this site!

This site will help you print out bingo cards, for free! First, choose a word list. There are four to choose from: Bridal Gifts, Wedding Theme, Baby Gifts, and Baby Theme. The two gift lists can be used during the gift opening. The themed lists can be used as a separate fun game; just don't forget to print out the call card! You can customize your list by adding or deleting words. Next choose a color, a font, and the total number of cards needed. Get started here!